Leave no cat behind – or in a shelter!

The Catchip™ Plus a Lifetime Registration. The All-in-One product creates great VALUE for your pet owners!

For You | The All-in-One CatChip™ PLUS Lifetime Registration:
  ISO Certified Chip | Approved by the USDA and the FDA
  Kinder and gentler mini needle
  Lifetime Warranty
  Lifetime Pet Enrollment into our Buddy ID™ registry. ($28.95 MSRP)
•  Gift Card’ for pet owner that lets them register for FREE.
  Six Labels and a Custom Collar Tag with chip number.

For Pet Owners | Lifetime Membership in the Buddy ID™ Pet Registry:
  Wallet-sized Member Card for Buddy ID™
•  No (hidden) fees. No renewal fees.
  Free Mobile App for SearchAlerts™, Safe Places™, and PetText™.
•  Update info, add a picture, vet info, and more.
  Direct owner link in the national AAHA Pet Lookup Tool.
  Live Customer Care from our experienced and trained staff!