Managing Lots of Cats and Kittens?

Get the tools you need – all in one place! Join our Partner Hub and herd those kitties with easy online record keeping, discounts and free chips.
  Management Dashboard:
  Your CatChip numbers will automatically appear on your Dashboard when they ship. You can register, release, sell or keep cats and have a record of everything!  All chips from any company are accepted in your Hub.
•  Cool Stuff: Post pictures, order more chips, redeem points for free chips. You can even print ownership Certificates.
•  Lifetrac:  Hub partners get this great feature – free.  Perfect for Rescues.
•  Free Chips:  Choose our ‘Free Chip Rewards’ program when you help get pets registered.  Free shipping bonus!
•  Great Discounts: Have to register lots of cats? Get partner discounts on chips and registrations.
PS: Tool Box not included.

Get started with a FREE ‘Partner Hub’ account and cloud-based software. Simply go online or call (800) 434-2843.  A rep will be assigned to you for VIP treatment!