Yes. We manufacture only Certified ISO microchips.  ISO refers to the ‘International Standards Organization’.
To be certified as ISO, the chip must be manufactured as follows:
1)  Operate at a radio frequency of 134.2 kHz.
2)  Contain 15 digits, the first three of which are the unique assigned manufacturer ‘code’. * See note.
3)  Our unique code is : 933000123456789

We also make a special ISO chip that has been approved by the USDA and the FDA for compliance within livestock industries.

BEWARE:   Do not use microchips that begin with the NON unique ISO code of 900 (nine-zero-zero).  There are hundreds of companies (outside of the USA) that have been issued these shared ISO manufacturer codes.  It is impossible to track an unregistered ‘900’ chip back to a manufacturer or an owner.