Yes.  The biggest tip is: REGISTER THE MICROCHIP! If an owner is separated from his cat, a registered microchip is the critical link to reunite them.  Owners can access their proof of ownership from the cloud to claim their pet!

In times of natural disaster or emergency, scanning for microchips is the ideal and preferred method of identifying pets and equines and reuniting them with registered owners.  Microchip ID Systems works with national disaster preparedness groups across America.

Disaster teams know the power of a registered chip when animal and owner have been separated.  It is the difference between being reunited or not.

As one of the longest standing microchip companies in the United States, Microchip ID Systems has maintained a pet and an equine database for nearly 20 years.  Our network makes information available to recovery teams and law enforcement agencies who locate missing or stolen cats.

Call us for Disaster Planning and ideas for holding microchip clinics.