Recent reviews from customers:

“We microchip all of the cats we adopt out. Microchips have helped us to reunite many lost cats with their people. We’ve worked with Microchip ID Systems for several years, first using the mini chip and now using the CatChip. They provide affordable prices, prompt shipping, and great customer service!”
Ark Cat Sanctuary

“I have been very pleased with the new CatChip product line. There have been no issues with the chip malfunctioning or not reading after implanting. The kittens have exhibited no pain due to the small size of the device. I would recommend to anyone!”

“The Partner Hub makes it easy and convenient to register my CatChips for my customers at my own pace. There are a lot of microchip companies, but the word is spreading in cat breeder circles, if you care about your pets, use the Catchip and register them with!”

“My cats appreciate that I put the chips in myself, and this company stands behind the chip with great marketing and advocating for cats. In the past two years two of my kittens have been brought home with the Catchips! I order the prepaid CatChips and I put one in each of my kittens before they go home. I register the chips in my Hub Account so the chip is paid and on file for life. My clients get an immediate email and a free account where they can keep their contact info up to date.”

“We have our vet implant all our kittens, and the CatChip is easy to use, reliable, and the small needle size makes it much easier on the kittens! The CatChips are a perfect fit for all of us here at Abscatz.”

“I like the small size of the chip and the very reasonable price.  It is easy and painless to insert.  The company customer service is very good. Highly recommend if you are looking for kitten microchips.”

“Microchip ID Systems is different. They manufacture high quality products, price them well and offer great services to our clients.”
Dr. Guidry, Veterinarian